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Celebrate Mistakes: Give Your Leadership Skills a New Dimension

Celebrate Mistakes: Give Your Leadership Skills a New Dimension


New researches and in-depth analysis of human psychology assert that people learn more from mistakes than anything else. Relevant researches have been conducted primarily in child psychology to demonstrate the positive impact of mistakes in learning and development of children.
I would like to present the case here that if we implement the same concept in the organizations, the result would be the same. If you are working in an organization at an executive position or even leading a small team, you must be thinking by now that:
“There is nothing new in this, I always let my team or employees make mistakes and learn from them.”
I am not talking about “Letting your employees make mistakes” I want to take this approach a step further where leaders not only let their employees make mistakes but also “CELEBRATE” these mistakes.
Celebrating Mistakes is a pragmatic approach which requires a strategic and result-oriented planning and implementation. The deliberate practical implication of this approach is indispensable to get the maximum out of it. To formulate and implement this approach in your organization or a department, the first step that must be taken by a leader is to ensure yourself that mistakes always help shorten the distance to success or a goal.
Since our childhood, generally we are taught that we should avoid making mistakes. We, in consequence, always work with the approach that committing mistake is a bad thing and we must avoid them at any cost. We play safe to avoid that emotional turmoil associated with failures and mistakes. Contrary to this common belief, most of the influential people in history have been the “Mistakers” You must have heard of Edison’s 10,000 failed attempts before finally inventing electric bulb or more than 5000 attempts of James Dyson before finally coming up with a bag less vacuum cleaner. His saying:


“Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success.”
is my personal favorite.
Novelty, innovation and inventing always stem from errors and mistakes. Then,
Why We Always Love Success and Achievements?
Why Are Always Ready to Share Our Achievements?
Why Do We Always Through A Party On A Promotion or Winning a Bonus?
Why Don’t We Ever Celebrate Mistakes?
The answer is simple: We have this in-bound love for appreciation from others and in our society only successes are celebrated. And if we would start celebrating each other’s mistakes, we will no longer be afraid of trying something new.

Make Yourself Understand that Mistakes are Not Only Normal But are Necessary

The first thing that you need to do to is to make yourself sure of the fact that mistakes lead to success. They are necessary to achieve something meaningful and extraordinary. The idea is not to be ashamed of your mistakes, own your mistakes instead of finding excuses for them.
“I am a human being and Yes I can make mistakes. Now I am going to learn from my mistakes and may make more mistakes while heading to my goals.”
This exactly should be your thinking.
Most of the people take mistakes as something strictly prohibited, few accept mistakes with a determination of avoiding mistakes in future but the one who accepts mistakes and think of them as something positive that one surely be doing in future is a new-age leader.
Being a leader you must think yourself as a “Mistaker” who is not ashamed of making mistakes.
Stop Feeling Sorry For What You Did While Trying To Achieve Something Big.

Inculcate this Thinking into your Team Members

The next step is to inculcate this mindset into your team members. The best way to do this is to share your mistakes with your team members without any sense of regret or shame. Make them think that you are neither afraid nor ashamed of your failures and mistakes. You feel positive about your mistakes as they act as stepping stones towards your goals. Once you start feeling it yourself and sharing it with your team members, they will gradually develop the similar mindset.

Celebrate Mistakes

Then comes, the final step of Celebrating Mistakes which will eventually help you and your team achieve what was previously taken as unachievable or at least difficult to achieve.
Give a shot to this approach! Regard yourself as a proud “Mistaker” and make your team feel the same way and then see the results in just two or three months.

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