Monday Motivation

Never Go Against the Nature Or it Will Go Against You

Who said this?
I dared…

Its my philosophy of life.
Nature? We always talk about nature in one way or the other but what actually we mean when we say nature or “Going against nature” for that matter.
Nature is universe and the laws which govern it. Like, sun rises and we call it morning, it sets and we call it evening; this is natural law of universe. Four seasons of the year and the cycle in which they appear is nature. Flowers bloom in spring, autumn brings shedding of trees; its all nature.
This topic is very vast and I can go on and on and on….but here specifically when I say going against the nature I want to urge people to comply with natural laws or you will have to face the consequences.
Conforming to the natural laws?
Well, we all do it and most of the times unconsciously.
In winters what we do? We protect ourselves from cold by wearing warm clothes, keeping our houses warm and so our body. We are conforming to the law of nature. What if we don’t keep ourselves warm in winter? We will get cold and illness. That’s the revenge of nature.
Today’s Monday motivation is for all night owls who love to sleep till late in the morning. Let me remind you if you are a night owl who doesn’t like to wake up in the morning, you are going against nature and nature doesn’t like it. It will not be with you in all your endeavors.

Rule: Form, Break , Persevere

Well, I know its really hard to change your routine immediately. In the beginning, start with waking up 10 minutes earlier from previous day. Follow it for 5 days and you will get used to it. But you don’t want to get used to it, break the rule again now wake up 10 minutes earlier more from previous routine. Give it five days again, break it again and again rise 10 minutes earlier. If you will follow this rule, you will be able to change your routine within 2 months and then show perseverance.
Almost all successful people have this natural habit of rising early in the morning. Apart from what common sense says that you get more time to work, you become more focused etc etc., it brings nature on your side. Night is meant for sleep and morning calls you to wake up and live your day.
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Want to succeed in life?
Wake up early in the morning, make nature your friend and see the miracle

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