Intensifying Augmented Reality: Apple’s Newest Passion

Apple is all set to release its next iPhone adorned with Laser sensors. Rumour has it that the next iPhone will have a 3D laser system in its rear camera. After the announcement of ARKit (Augmented Reality kit) by the company, it seems quite possible as the company is very much serious to utilise Augmented Reality in its phones and laser sensors is just the beginning.

Augmented Reality

The craze and love shown by people for Pokemon Go can vouch for the potential of AR in digital world. People want to see apps and gadgets featuring AR and all tech companies are very well aware of it. From Google Glass to HoloLens, products are either being created or modified to provide consumers with amazing AR experience and Apple is no exception to it.


Like always Apple has gone one step ahead to create its own software development kit with the name ARKit to create its exclusive AR ecosystem for i8. Lately, at WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) the company made the announcement of ARKit which created a lot of buzz in tech circles. ARKit is primarily a software development kit which helps developers to create apps enriched with Augmented Reality exclusively for Apple products.

Laser Sensors

The best part of AR is that it presents the reality even better than reality itself and so the 3D laser system. FAST Company claims that Apple is going to use VSCEL Laser System in its next iPhone which wouldn’t cost more than $2 per iPhone.

What’s in for Consumers?

• Better AR Experience: These laser sensors would help in conveying better AR experience to the end user. When ARkit would be accompanied with these laser sensors, developers would be able to develop better AR applications. Not to mince words these laser sensors would enhance the quality of AR experience with better depth detection and ranging information.

• Better Camera Focusing: We all love good mobile phone with even better cameras. We love storing our amazing moments instantly and that too in high quality. Apple’s new feature of 3D laser sensors would enable better and more auto focus, thus amplifying the photo and video quality.

• Measuring Distances: VSCEL Laser system would enable the 3D measuring of distances and mapping spaces. This feature would be really useful in different AR applications that would magnify the quality of various applications. Old application will be modified and new applications will be created, taking consumer products to a next level.

• Face Detection: Camera with 3D laser sensors would help in face detection mainly for authentication. Many other mobile companies are using this feature of face detection but it would be the first time for Apple.

What’s in For Apple

• Innovative and Predictive: As clichéd as it may sound, innovation is to Apple as Pizza is to cheese. Mainly because of its founder Steve Jobs, Apple is known for innovative ideas but more than being innovative Apple has always managed to incorporate future in the present. This time also, the company knows that AR is the future and so it is striving really hard to become the pioneer of AR in consumer related products.

• Better Consumer Experience: Apple has always tried to present their consumers with larger-than-life experiences. Technology is always there, what Apple does is that it takes it to the consumers which no one else could do and that’s what Apple’s consumers love about it.

• Competitive Edge: AR has been used by Google, Facebook and other companies but the magnitude with which Apple is going to launch it, surpasses everyone else. If Apple manages to launch ARkit with numerous AR applications in its next iPhone, it’s going to be huge. The whole software is meant for AR and that’s definitely going to give Apple an edge over its competitors.

Is it too early?

People are not yet fully aware of the use of AR in their lives. Till now it has been associated more with fun and thrilling games but less for real-life usage. Apple needs to be cautious as Tech-gurus find it quite early to launch AR on such a huge platform. We have seen it before with Apple watches where the company failed to communicate the usage and impact of these watches on the life of consumers. Nevertheless, there is always a risk of failure with daring and bold decisions and in this particular case I think Apple wants to come up to the expectations of its consumers in terms of introducing new trends in society.
Well, let’s see if laser sensors are going to be a part of iPhone 8 or not but AR is definitely going to be a part and parcel of Apple products in the future.

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