About me


Uzma Hafeez is a Sydney based copywriter who helps brands create content to convert and engage audiences across the world.

Being an entrepreneur herself, she has a passion of helping other entrepreneurs, in the realm of both personal and business development.

She helps companies find their unique space through result-oriented content strategy and marketing.

My Story….. From a Part-time writer to a Professional Copywriter

Well, I have been writing since I was a child. MY first poem got published in a local newspaper when I was just 7 years old. Back in 2010, when I was doing my bachelors, I rendered my writing services to an American content provider. This was the first time when I was exposed to the world of Professional Writing. It helped me get some extra pocket-money and that was all what I wanted that time. Meanwhile, I also kept on writing for various newspapers and magazines….exploring new dimensions of creative writing.
Until now I never thought of adopting writing as a full-time career. I was studying business and wanted to enter in a corporate world. But I never stopped writing as it was the only thing that I could do with little effort and helped me earn few extra bucks.
But as it goes…..destiny has something else in-store for me. With the birth of my son I was left with no other option but to adopt writing as a full time career. No, it wasn’t a compromise, ┬áit was the period of realization for which I thank God every day. I knew that I am an avid learner and voracious reader. I geared up all my skills and launched myself as a copywriter.

I tried to adopt new trends to modify my services. I also utilized my university learning for a professional advancement. I made a fine mix of marketing, human resource and writing to emerge as a Content Creator, Marketer and Employer Branding Strategist.
The journey was not as smooth as it may seem to you while reading this. I had my own share of hardships and obstacles. But I never stopped, I never gave up.
Apart from writing, I love travelling and have a special liking for sports.

Uzwrites; Mother to an adorable son; wife to an amazing husband; silly most of the times; writing all the time.